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Jams and marmalades Bitter Orange Marmalade
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Bitter Orange Marmalade - Don Calò srls

A goodness to taste it on a freshly baked slice of bread, excellent for filling cakes and pies.

Jams and marmalades Blackberry extra jam
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Blackberry extra jam - Don Calò srls

A delicate jam on the palate, with all the taste and flavors of freshly picked blackberries. Perfect spread on a slice of bread or as a filling...

Jams and marmalades Extra fig jam
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Extra fig jam - Don Calò srls

Delicate jam, a riot of flavors of our land. Excellent for breakfast, on freshly toasted bread or with shortcrust biscuits. Perfect pairing with...

Jams and marmalades Sweet Cream
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Sweet Cream - Bacco srl

Bacco spreadable creams are velvety, balanced and fragrant. A true concentrate of flavor and delicacy made with the best quality pistachios,...

Jams and marmalades Almonds cream
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Almonds cream - LE CUSPIDI SRL

The Sicilian Almond Spreadable Cream is prepared exclusively with almonds harvested in the Sicilian countryside. Excellent for breakfast or to...

Jams and marmalades Marmelades
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Marmelades - Conserve Conti di Longo sas

Sicilian artisanal jams and marmalades are absolutely natural. They are produced with fresh fruits of local origin and sugar, without added pectin,...

Jams and marmalades Pistachio cream
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Pistachio cream - Azienda Spitaleri Carmelo

Suitable for filling sweets, it can be consumed during a rich breakfast or a snack. Our pistachio cream is produced with over 50% of Pistachio D.O.P.

Jams and marmalades Sweet spreadable creams
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Sweet spreadable creams - Conserve Conti di Longo sas

Created thinking about sweet moments to spend with family, friends or even simply alone, the Conti Conserve sweet spreads are born that will win...

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CREAMY SPREADS/LE CREMOSE - Pasticceria Di Stefano snc

The Di Stefano creamy spreads are a temptation for a sweet tooth. Without any preservatives, their authentic flavour is blissful. They are...

Jams and marmalades Pistachio Spreadable Cream
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