Taormina Food Expo

23-24 September 2022

Taormina Food Expo

The Sicilian excellence agri-food

Although Sicily has a very strong characterization in the Agri-food field, it presents excellence food and wine widely recognized around the world and Sicilian companies are known and participate in national and international trade fairs, an initiative a Sicilian level of presentation of Italian food and wine excellences in Sicily as it happens in other regions of Italy.

The CNA, in collaboration with the Med Europe Export consortium, have launched a survey among the associated companies in order to gather information on the ability and desire to make greater use of their production potential in the agri-food sector.

The survey highlighted that in Sicily there are well-structured companies, albeit at times very small, that strongly wish to expand their production capacity and make themselves known more in the national market and in particular in foreign markets.

However, one limitation they have in common is that they do not have sufficient resources to establish themselves in markets that are more distant from the local ones.

For this reason, the CNA wishes to launch in Sicily, for the first time, a food and wine event that binds, in addition to the quality and taste of the food, the experience of its preparation and provide the participants in the event not dishes to taste but traditions and cultures to know that often identify themselves in particular products and dishes typical of the places and not of the entire region.

CNA Agri-food Sicily

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