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Cured meat Black pork
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Black pork - Salumi Caputo srl

High quality cured meats produced only with the finest cuts of Nebrodi black pig meat, an indigenous Sicilian breed of unique biodiversity in the...

Cured meat Pistachio salami
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Pistachio salami - Starvaggi 1969 S.r.l.

Pork, sea salt, black pepper, PISTACHIO (Min. 2%). - Sugars: dextrose, sucrose

Cured meat Nebrodi black pork cheek
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Nebrodi black pork cheek - Starvaggi 1969 S.r.l.

Pork cheek, salt, spices, flavorings - Sugars: dextrose, sucrose

Cured meat The Typical
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The Typical - Salumi Caputo srl

100% Italian meats, carefully selected raw materials, the superb work of time with slow seasoning, the traditional butchery technique of knife-tip...

Cured meat U vecchiu artigianu
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U vecchiu artigianu - Salumi Caputo srl

Products of the ancient Sicilian and Italian charcuterie tradition made with an artisanal method and slow maturation starting from 100% Italian...

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