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Cherry tomato sauce - Salemi Pina Az. Agricola srl

All the sweetness of cherry tomatoes grown in the open field, the fragrance of basil, the all-enveloping flavour of Nocellara Messina olive oil...

Cherry tomato sauce with bell peppers - Salemi Pina Az. Agricola srl

Ready-to-use condiment for pasta. Just to be heated. It does not need cooking. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 to...

Tomato sauce - Salemi Pina Az. Agricola srl

Condiment suitable for the preparation of sauces, gravies and ragouts. Ideal for pizzas and similar food preparations.

Salty pesto - Bacco srl

Pistachio pasta? Not only that! Bacco savory pestos are versatile and ideal for preparing appetizers or condiments for main courses based on meat...


All the hot Sicilian sun and the heady scent of fresh basil is prepared according to ancient traditions in our ready to use sauce.

Pesto - Azienda Spitaleri Carmelo

Our pesto is ideal for preparing excellent sauces and seasoning first courses. Prepared with extra virgin olive oil and 60% Pistachio D.O.P.

datterino sauce - HYBLA CONSERVE soc.Agr. SRL

All the natural sweetness of Datterino, in a ready-made tomato sauce to serve. It only takes a few minutes on the fire to enjoy the flavor.

Sicilian pesto - HYBLA CONSERVE soc.Agr. SRL

Tomato and dried tomatoes, almonds and basil are the ingredients of this delicious pesto, a hymn to Sicilianity.

Capuliato - HYBLA CONSERVE soc.Agr. SRL

The dried tomato is cut into small pieces and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, basil, oregano, garlic and salt. In Sicily we call it...

Norma sauce - Zicily Food

Norma Sauce is a typical product and dish of the Sicilian tradition, with typical Mediterranean flavors, prepared with tomato and with the...

PESTO SAUCES - Pasticceria Di Stefano snc

Pesto is the ideal condiment for your first courses. The taste will fill every dish with tasty Sicilianity and will be the ideal complement to a...

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