Oleificio DR snc


The oil mill DR is located in the municipality of Acquedolci, a municipality located on a natural terrace sloping down to the sea and has a sweet and wide cove surrounded by gardens and beautiful olive groves. Close by, in a evocative landscape effect, the Nebrodi Mountains dominate it imposingly. The selection of the best olives, the hand and mechanized harvesting, the cold pressing give our Extra Virgin a fresh flavor and fruity, generous and full of character. When the olives reach their ideal ripeness, that is, in the period that runs from early October to late November, they are harvested from plants with the manual stripping method and mechanically (with the use of modern facilitators). This system allows an optimal collection, avoiding trauma and breakage of the fruit and ensuring full compliance with the plant.




Extra virgin olive oil has many useful properties for our health organism, is obtained from the pressing of the olives which are the fruit of the plant of the olive tree (or olive tree) whose scientific name is Olea europeae. Olive oil, unlike all other oils that are obtained from seeds, is the only one that it is obtained from the fruit of the plant. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing mechanics of olives excluding any industrial treatment. To deserve the denomination of extra virgin olive oil, as well as being extracted in an exclusively mechanical way, the oil must not be subjected to any kind of heating, its degree of acidity must not exceed 0.8% and its score from an organoleptic point of view must not be less than 6.5. All the oils that do not meet these characteristics are marketed with others denominations.


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