Azienda Agricola Greco


We are a young family-run company that has decided to invest time, knowledge and resources in olive tree cultivation. We do this by working our ten hectares of generous Sicilian land that we have inherited and converted and in which we constantly invest to give more and more space to our project. Our company choice, demanding and perhaps not very advantageous, is however amply rewarded by the genuineness of our oil and by the awareness that it is possible to produce well-being through quality. Our company is located in the territory of the Municipality of Centuripe, a small town in the Enna hinterland that dominates the area between Etna and the eastern coast of the island, defined by Garibaldi as the balcony of Sicily. So we look to the future with a view to sustainability, in the name of a possible organic agriculture that is rigorously implemented according to the regulations. A land, ours, nourished by the elements deposited by the eruptions of Etna, not contaminated by pollution and gratified by a warm climate: generosity and purity that our oil transmits to your palates




The low acidity, the unmistakable flavor, make the oil from the Greco farm ideal for making every dish noble. The quality of our extra virgin olive oil in Centuripe starts from the cultivation and more precisely from the pruning of the olive trees, entrusted only to expert hands to guarantee an optimal distribution of the fruits on the foliage and greater ventilation and lighting of the plant, essential prerequisites for the perfect ripeness of the olives. To keep the nutritional and physical characteristics of our oil unaltered, we carry out cold pressing in a certified oil mill (IGP and Organic) in a continuous two-phase cycle.


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